Credit Card Processing - Online Merchant Account With Detailed Reporting

The first step credit card processing is reporting after a transaction is generated. Your customer will type in all the relevant information for credit card processing. Once the credit card processing transaction is initiated you receive an automated e-mail response informing you of the transaction and providing you all relevant information. Your customer also receives an e-mail receipt of the credit card processing transaction.

Detailed reports are generated showing the customer information for each order. The credit card processing reports are sent to you via e-mail. They also include an attached tab-delimited report file of all orders. This file can be imported directly into your accounting system. These reports eliminate the time spent matching payments with orders.

You will have access to all credit card processing data stored in our client database system with easy browser interface to access and utilize the data. You also have browser interfaces for manual credit card processing. You can enter issue credits or automatic charges to your online customers you can access their accounts to process transactions.

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